Robotic Analyzer: SP50 for complete automation of st-COD and Total Phosphate analysis

The Skalar SP50 analyzer can be configured for combined analysis of  the small scale sealed tube COD method (st-COD) and Total Phosphate.

The SP50 analyzer consists of a XYZ sample-handling station, with a sample capacity of 96 tubes, 48 ST-COD and 48 TP samples can be combined into one batch. Higher capacity is possible on our SP1000 robotic analyzer with 160 tubes in one batch. 


  • Complete "walk-away"automation; mixing, heating, (de)capping, sample pipetting, cooling & photmetric measurement for st-COD analysis according to ISO 15705 and EPA 410.4 and TP analysis
  • User-friendly, no contact with toxic or corrosive reagents
  • Flexible, compatible with different  meters & reaction tubes
  • Barcode identification
  • Comes with a very practical and flexible Robotic software package, incl. analyses scheduler, user definable print report & export options to i.e. LIMS/Excel and excellent quality control features etc.

The above configuration of the SP50 can be extended with a test kit for Total Nitrogen/Ammonium analysis. If you would like to use another colorimetric test kit application, please contact Skalar and ask for the possibilities