Food and Feed

Food and Feed


Food and feed products are analyzed for several reasons, such as monitoring product quality, guarantee food safety and compliancy with international regulations.

Skalar developed two analyzers for the food and feed industry:

- The PrimacsSN-100 nitrogen / protein analyzer
- The Sanseries continuous flow analyzer


The Sanseries analyzer – San++ and Sancompact automated continuous flow analyzers

The Sanseries analyzers can be used in the food and feed industry. The analyzers are able to analyze various applications such as milk, starch, cereals, rice and meat. 

Features of the Sanseries analyzer

  • Fast sample through-put, up to 140 analyses per hour
  • Can run up to 16 parameters simultaneously 
  • Autosamplers for 40 up to 800 positions are available
  • Automatic preparation of working standards

The analyses comply with standard methods such as EPA, ISO, AOAC, Coresta, EBC, ASBC and many more. 


Amino Acids (total) Niacinamide
Amino Nitrogen (free) Nicotinamide
Ammonia Nicotinic Acid
Amylase Nitrate + Nitrite (Hydrazine red.)
Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C) Nitrate + Nitrite (Cd. Red.)
Benzoic Acid Nitrite
Caffeine Orcinol (sugar value)
Calcium Phosphate
Carbohydrate Protein
Chloride Pyruvate
Creatine (enzymatic) Reducing sugars
Creatine / Creatinine Riboflavin
Fluoride Sodium and potassium
Galactose (D) Sorbic Acid
Glucose, fructose, saccharose  Sugars
L-Glutamic Acid Sulfite
L-Glutamic Acid (enzyme) Sulfur dioxide
Hydroxyproline Thiamine
Iodine Turbidity
Iron Vitamin B1
L-Lactic Acid / D-Lactic Acid Vitamin B2
Lactose Vitamin B3
Lipase Vitamin B5
L-Lysine Vitamin B6
L-Malic Acid Vitamin PP
Niacin Volatile Acidity


The PrimacsSN-100 analyzer – automated nitrogen / protein analyzer according to the Dumas combustion method

This analyzer has been specifically designed for commercial laboratories and food / feed producers that are looking for the perfect solution for automated nitrogen / protein analysis in food and feed samples.

Features of the PrimacsSN-100 analyzer

  • Analysis according the Dumas technique 
  • Rapid cycle time of 5 minutes
  • Sample mass up to 3.0 g
  • 100 position random access autosampler
  • Re-usable quartz crucibles, sample ashes remain in the crucible after each analysis which avoids sample ash build-up in the combustion zone and therefore reduces maintenance
  • Unique vertical sample introduction system
  • Complicated samples as for example meat can be heated
    in various stages by the flex ramping system 

Food quality

Food producers must ensure that they produce safe and high-quality products. The PrimacsSN-100 analyzer has fully integrated methods for reliable routine analysis according to AACC, AOAC, ASBC, EBC, MEBAK, ICC, ISO, GB, LFGB, NYT etc. 


Skalar provides pre-installed methods for TN/Protein analysis
in the following applications:

  • Cereals
  • Dairy products
  • Starch
  • Grain products
  • Meat
  • Animal feed
  • Rice
  • Malt & wort 

and many more.

Additionally, new application developments for specific samples is fully supported by Skalar's application laboratory in close cooperation with customers.