Soil, Plant and Fertilizer

Soil, Plant and Fertilizer


Testing soil is important for several reasons: to optimize crop production, to protect the environment from contamination by runoff and leaching of excess fertilizers, to improve the nutritional balance of the growing crops etc.

Skalar has developed three analyzers for the soil, plant & fertilizer industry:

- The Sanseries continuous flow analyzer
- The Primacsseries carbon/nitrogen analyzer
- The SP2000 Robotic analyzer


The Sanseries analyzer provides the most proven and reliable technology available today for routine analysis of nutrients and minerals in soils, plants and fertilizers.

The analyzers have a flexible modern design and can be configured to meet the needs of any laboratory.

The NPK analyzer is used worldwide during either fertilizer production and labeling of the NPK grade or for soil and plant analysis to optimize fertilizer dosage, controlling the yield and minimizing the environmental pollution.


Furthermore, the NP analyzer is able to analyze Nitrogen and Phosphorus simultaneously. Nitrogen can be analyzed as Ammoniacal Nitrogen after extration or as Total Nitrogen after Kjeldahl digestion. Phosphorus can be analyzed after extraction according to Bray, Olsen or other procedures and as Total Phosphorus after wet digestion.

Features of the Sanseries analyzer

  • Suitable for each sample extract and digest
  • Unattended overnight operation for extended analysis capacity in peak seasons
  • Results are expressed in the concentration unit required such as ppm, milliequivalents, g / kg
  • Simultaneously multiple extract handling


Aluminum Manganese
Ammonia Nitrate + Nitrite
Bicarbonate Nitrogen
Boron Pectin
Calcium Phenol
Carbohydrate Phosphate
Carbon Protein
Carbonate Red. Sugars
Chloride Silicate
Dissolved Organic Carbon Sodium / Potassium
Glucose Starch
Hydrogen Sulfide Sulfate
Iron II + III Sulfide
Iron (total) Urea
Magnesium Zinc


A flexible solid sample analyzer with an integrated 100-position autosampler for the determination of nitrogen and carbon in soil. 

The PrimacsSNC-100 analyzer is able to analyze carbon and nitrogen levels (C/N ratio) in soil. This is important because nitrogen is the main element for plant development and carbon is essential for soil strucure. The PrimacsSNC-100 uses high temperature combustion to provide fast, efficient and accurate analysis results for nitrogen (N), protein, total carbon (TC), total elemental carbon (TEC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and total organic carbon (TOC) all in one unit. 

Features of the PrimacsSNC-100

  • Analyses of TC, TIC, TEC, TOC and N / Protein
  • Re-usable ceramic crucibles
  • Unique vertical sample introduction system
  • Automatic balance interfacing
  • Fast and environmentally clean analysis
  • 100 position autosampler

Robotic analyzers

SP2000series pH / EC analysis in soil and particle size distribution

The SP2000 analyzer is able to process large quantities of soil samples every day. pH in soil gives information about how to improve the quality of the soil, which will result in increased crop quantities and cost reduction. Besides pH analysis in soil, the analyzer can be extended with Electrical Conductivity (EC) measurement at the same time.

pH / EC analysis

  • Measurement in water as well as in KCI, CaCI2 and / or other extractants
  • Addition of extraction solution
  • Automatic sample stirring
  • Automatic probe calibration
  • Probe rinsing
  • Measurement of pH
  • Result calculation

It is always possible to adapt the analysis procedure according to the customer methodologies, each step in the automatic procedure is user defi nable, for example, the stirring time and amount of extraction solution to be added etc.

Particle size distribution

The robotic analyzers automate the determination of the clay fraction as well as the sample preparation of the lengthy particle size distribution analysis procedure according to ISO 11277. This procedure requires very precise timing steps, tasks which are much more easily performed by an analyzer rather than a human operator.


The SP50 automates the sample preperation: 

  • Removal of Carbonates
    • Removal of Organic matter
    • Rinsing of the sample


    The SP2000 automates the determination of clay fraction: 

    • Addition of pyrophosphate
    • Addition of dilution water
    • Sample homogenizing
    • Sample take up
    • Sample transferring
    • Sample dispensing
    • Sample drying in aluminum cup