SP2000 robotic platform for automatic pre-weighing and weighing of filter paper

TSS analysis is a standard analysis in the wastewater industry as the results of the TSS analysis are used to assess the performance of conventional waste treatment processes and water quality.

In water laboratories worldwide, our SP2000 series of robotic analyzers have been automating BOD and COD test kit analysis on this platform along with other physical and chemical parameters, such as pH, conductivity and alkalinity, turbidity. This robotic analyzer for TSS therefore represents both a beneficial and logical innovation within our existing range of robotic analyzers.


TSS analysis is performed by collecting the total solids portion on a filter where a pre-determined volume is passed through the filter.

The filter is first weighed before the sample is filtered and again after the filter has been dried to a constant weight at 103-105°C.

The final concentration (mg/L, or ppm) is calculated via our software, relative to the known volume of sample passed through the filter.

This new application completely automates the time-consuming weighing process, allowing your analysts to focus on other duties. Moreover, this automation means that conventional working hours of a laboratory can be greatly extended.

Ammonia fluorimetric

The flexibility of the SAN++ analyzer and Skalar's vast knowledge and experience in automatic wet-chemistry analysis, provide all our customers worldwide reliable and accurate automation solutions for a variety of applications.

If you require more information on the automation of ammonia method or other Skalar methods, do not hesitate to contact us.