FlowAccess V3

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Skalar is proud to launch the next generation of the FlowAccessTM software package for the San++ continuous flow analyzer: FlowAccessTM V3.

Because of its ease of use, quick set up and advanced analytical tools for real time viewing, editing and calculations this new software package fits perfectly in today's modern analytical laboratory.

FlowAccessTM V3 has in addition automated Quality Control features with integrated CLP protocols, which assures high quality & accurate results with effortlessness operation.

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FlowAccessTM V3 includes all the familiar features of the earlier version V2 like easy to use graphical user interface, full system control of up to 16 analysis channels simultaneously, automatic baseline and sensitivity drift correction, full data protection (21 CFR Part 11) and complete raw data storage from each analysis for diagnosis and post validation.

New features highlights FlowAccessTM V3:

  • Table Wizard, for quick set up of the sample workload table
  • Real time graphical screens for multiple channel view or more detailed view of one channel
  • Real time result calculations by 1st or 2nd order according to ISO 8466 or 3rd order and inverse logarithm for use with Ion Selective Electrodes.
  • Pre– and post dilution factors per parameter
  • Series of post dilutions available
  • Extensive Quality Control criteria including CLP protocols. User definable concentration limits for the different CLP samples and required actions (up to 4) when CLP item is outside the set limits.
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FlowAccessTM V3 can be extended with two separate programs. FlowReportsTM for customized, flexible and advanced reporting and QAccessTM for statistical calculations and sensitivity of your analyzer results across time periods.