Introducing FORMACS™ Series Product Movie

We are happy to announce the release of our latest product movie, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the FORMACS™ Series, including the FORMACS™ HT and HT-i models, alongside the PRIMACS™ MCS add-on module.

The FORMACS™ Series offers unparalleled precision in the determination of carbon species and nitrogen through high-temperature catalytic combustion, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of environmental sample analyses.

The FORMACS™ HT is designed for efficient measurement of TC, IC, TOC, NPOC, POC, and DOC in cleaner sample types, with options for large batch analysis or standalone operation.

For those dealing with particulate-laden samples and suspensions, the FORMACS™ HT-i is the perfect solution, featuring a direct injection mechanism and wide-bore pickup and injection needle.

Both models can be expanded to include TN/TKN measurement. Furthermore, the FORMACS™ Series can be enhanced with the PRIMACS™ MCS module, enabling TOC analysis for solid materials like soil, sediments, and sludges. The PRIMACS™ MCS boasts a dual-oven design for separate TC and IC analysis, ensuring precise results for your analytical needs.

Explore the future of environmental sample analysis with our FORMACS™ Series and PRIMACS™ MCS add-on module – watch the product movie today and discover unparalleled precision in action!

More detailed information about the FORMACSTM is available on the products page:

FORMACS™ Series - анализаторы TOC/TN для жидких проб