Automatic sample pretreatment and filtration of tobacco samples prior to SFA analysis

The SP2000 robotic handling system offers full automation for the addition of extraction solution, shaking and filtration of tobacco samples.

The sample filtrate can be subsequently offered to the autosampler of the San++ continuous flow analyzer for further analysis. This automated extraction and filtration procedure is according to CORESTA.

SP2000 Tobacco front

Skalar’s automated procedure in detail:

0.5 g of each tobacco sample is added to a 100 ml Erlenmeyer.

The Erlenmeyers containing the tobacco samples are placed on the analyzer on an integrated orbital shaker

  1. The automatic sample preparation is started
  2. The first Erlenmeyer is de-capped
  3. 100 ml of 5% acetic acid is added to the sample
  4. The Erlenmeyer is capped
  5. Steps 3 – 5 are repeated until acetic acid has been added to all samples
  6. The samples are shaken for 30 minutes
  7. After 30 min, the first Erlenmeyer is de-capped
  8. The sample is filtered through a paperband filter and pumped to a sample tube in an original Skalar 1050 or 1074 sampler rack
  9. The Erlenmeyer is capped
  10. Steps 8 – 10 are repeated until all samples are filtered
  11. The racks with the filtered samples are transferred directly to the sampler for further analysis on the San++ continuous flow analyzer

In between samples, the needles are rinsed and the filter is replenished to avoid cross contamination.

Skalar’s SP2000 robotic platforms are the perfect solution for automating sample preparation procedures, by providing laboratories increased accuracy, standardization and productivity.

We invite you to watch the movie of this application below: