Enhanced Carbon Species Determination with the PRIMACS™ SNC-100 according to the new European standard: EN 17505:2023

EN 17505 2023

Discover Automated Carbon Analysis with the PRIMACS™ SNC-100

In today's ever-evolving environmental sphere, assessing Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in solid materials has gained paramount significance, extending its reach beyond traditional waste evaluation to vital roles in soil assessment. Enter the PRIMACS™ SNC-100, an innovative, automated solution that opens new horizons in TOC analysis.

The PRIMACS™ SNC-100 introduces a revolutionary temperature ramping program, enabling carbon analysis compliant with the new European standard, EN 17505:2023. With this technology, you can accurately determine TOC400, ROC600, and TIC900 in a single run, following method A and B of EN 17505:2023.

Uniquely, the PRIMACS™ SNC-100 offers flexibility by improving the separation of ROC900 and TIC900, catering to various sample matrices. Its versatile features, such as comprehensive TOC analysis, TN/protein analysis, and an integrated autosampler with 100 positions, make it the "ONE FOR ALL" solution for carbon measurements in soil, waste, and solid environmental samples.

For more details on the PRIMACS™ SNC-100 analyzer and its applications, including EN 17505:2023 methods A+B, please contact Skalar. Download the flyer for in-depth information.

Automated Carbon Analysis with the PRIMACS™ SNC-100 - EN 17505:2023