New movie test kit automation: Capping/De-capping

SP2000 Test kit automation - Dosicap

Skalar has an extensive selection of (de-)capping devices for integration across its SP2000 robotic platforms, allowing the capping and de-capping of the huge variety of different types of vials, tubes, bottles, containers used in laboratories worldwide. For the automation of test kits, Skalar has now developed a new technique for tests with caps containing reagents inside.

How does it work?

  1. The robot takes the cap of the test kit tube, flips the cap and punctures the foil of the cap.
  2. The cap is again placed on the tube
  3. The tube is transferred to a shaker to dissolve the reagents from the cap and analysis can proceed

Take a look at the full movie of capping/de-capping with caps containing reagents inside:

Test kit automation capping and de-capping