Making of a new product movie about sample preparation

Sample prep movie

Another look behind the scenes in our laboratory at the shooting of a new product movie…. another automatic sample preparation solution with the SP2000 robot.

This robotic platform automates the (de)-capping, sample dilution, sample distribution, reagent addition (including acids), heating and cooling of the sample.

Automation of sample preparation not only speeds up laboratory procedures, but also saves valuable operational time and greatly increases accuracy, reproducibility and productivity. Skalar’s SP2000 robotic platforms are ideal for automating sample preparation procedures in an efficient and precise way. The analyzers can be easily configured to the exact production requirements of a laboratory. The SP2000 can be set up as a dedicated sample preparation platform to prepare and distribute the samples to different sized vials, which can then be presented to different instruments for analysis. Additionally, it is possible to combine the sample preparation and the actual analysis procedures on the same SP2000 platform.

Are you looking for a solution to automate the above sample handling steps or maybe you have another challenging sample preparation procedure you would like to automate?

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