SP2000 automatic sample preparation platform for the further analysis of Adsorbable Organic Halides

AOX measures the organic halogen load such as soil from a land fill, water or sewage waste. The procedure measures chlorine, bromine and iodine.

This Skalar SP2000 robotic platform automates the pre-treatment of samples for AOX analysis. The automated procedure includes (de)-capping of glass bottles, sample dilution, sample distribution, sample mixing at varying speeds, reagent addition (including acids), active cooling of the samples and accurate dispensing at a precise speed rate.

Summary of the automated procedure:

  • The light sensitive samples arrive in dark glass collection bottles.
  • These bottles can be loaded directly on to the analyzer in a compartment where they are actively cooled.
  • A special gripper for glass stoppers de-caps the bottle.
  • The sample is mixed thoroughly before pick-up and is diluted according to specifications and the acids HNO3 and NaNO3 are added.
  • The samples are mixed, firstly at high speed and then at low speed during pick-up.
  • Six samples can be picked-up at the same time.
  • Samples are dispensed into the cartridges at a controlled rate of 3 ml/min.

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