Automation of the acidification parameters for the Oceans as a result of climate change

Ocean acidification affects marine life.

Oceans absorb about 30% of the carbon dioxide that humans emit. Seawater is acidified by a chemical reaction of CO2 with water, releasing hydrogen ions. The acidification has consequences for marine life because less lime is available for animals to form their skeletons. (See literature reference).

By more accurate determination of the acidification parameters such as DIC (Dissolved Inorganic Carbon), TA (Total Alkalinity) and pH (Acidity) and possibly the DOC (Dissolved Organic Carbon), and acidity, a good picture can be formed of the condition of this seawater.

Skalar Analytical has started a collaboration with the RBINS in Belgium to automate and optimize analysis of these acidification parameters for a fast and accurate measurement on a SAN++ analyzer.

San compact 1074 front 1

The details and results of this research are described in the Newsflash:

Seawater acidification