RobotAccess - robotic analyzer software

Main screen New analysis

Skalar launches its latest Robotics software package for controlling the range of Robotic analyzers and applications such as BOD, COD, pH, Alkalinity, Turbidity, ISE etc.

With its modern graphical design, easy set up, clearly organized data processing per application and extensive QC features this software package ensures smooth and accurate operation of the different applications on the Robotic analyzers.

Start up
Runs can be easily started by selecting the required application and simply creating a sample table by dragging the racks to the analyzer. When the sample table is completed and the analysis sequence is defined, the run can be started or scheduled for another start time. All running and scheduled analyses can be tracked in the planner.

QC Chart

The status of the running analysis can be followed on the screen and results are displayed in real-time. During the run it is possible to add priority samples and exclude samples from measuring.

Post analysis

Results can be printed in user defined print reports and exported to a txt, excel file or LIMS. Finished runs can be archived as well as backed up and restored later.

Quality Control
The software includes excellent automated Quality Control features, which assure high quality & accurate results. When QC samples are measured the results can be viewed in a Quality Control Chart. These charts display the data analyzed for QC samples in comparison to its preset limits. In addition it is possible to select data retrieved over a certain time span and view the corresponding graph.

If you require more information on this new software package or Skalar analyzers, please do not hesitate to contact us.