SP2000 automatic platform for determination of Lignin content (Kappa number) of pulp

Kapper analyzer

The SP2000 robotic analyzer automates all the manual handling steps of the determination of the kappa number in accordance with ISO 302:2015

The Kappa number of pulp gives an indication of the lignin content or bleachability of pulp. It’s important to determine this Kappa number regularly during pulp generation and processing to provide an adequate response that supports optimum pulping conditions.

With the SP2000 concept, Skalar can deliver pulp mill facilities and paper manufacturers the maximum degree of automation for reliable and stable Kappa number analysis, standardization of the entire analytical procedure, providing economy of both time and reagents in the process.

The automated procedure includes sample mixing, reagent addition (including acids), automatic titration of the samples, automatic rinsing of needles/stirrers probe/burette tip in between samples, measurement and result calculation.

How does this work?

  1. The operator simply places the rack with the beakers, containing sample and water, onto the analyzer.
  2. Identities are entered in the software and the analyzer is started.
  3. The first sample is stirred for a certain time.
  4. Sulfuric acid and permanganate solution are added to this sample.
  5. Simultaneously the second sample is stirred
  6. After 10 minutes potassium iodide is added to the first sample to stop the reaction
  7. Free Iodine in the sample is titrated using a sodium thiosulfate solution
  8. When the end point has been reached the data is transferred to the software and the results are calculated.
  9. All steps are repeated and follow the same procedure until all samples are measured

In between samples and measurements, the probe, burette tip, stirrers and dispense needles are rinsed to avoid cross contamination.

The calculated data can be presented on screen, printed or converted to a file compatible with various LIMS and other offline result handling software.

In this configuration, the SP2000 platform has a sample capacity of 16 beaker positions of 800 ml. Larger platforms or different configuration setups are possible. The SP2000 is flexible and modular in concept can be configured to meet your exact requirements.

Kapper CU2