The SP2000 fully automated water analyzer for test kits

SP2000 TestKit robotic analyzer

Skalar introduces the SP2000series for water laboratories using automated test kit applications such as the small scale sealed tube COD (ST-COD) test according to ISO 15705 or Total Phosphate, Total Nitrogen Ammonium, Nitrite test kits and others.

This new water analyzer automates all the necessary manual handling steps of the photometric test kit procedure such as sample pipetting, (de)-capping, addition of reagents, mixing, heating, cooling and measurement. See detailed pictures below.

To demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of our SP2000 test kit platform we will give you the most important features.

The platform is modular and ensures that any requirement on sample numbers can be fulfilled. The sample capacity varies from 24 up to 336 tubes. The sample and test tube racks can be easily exchanged when the sample analyses are finished which expands the number of samples per run or operation. In addition when sample numbers are increasing in the future, it is always possible to expand the base platform.

SP2000 Test Kit new 2

The instrument can be configured for the analysis of one test kit application or for multiple test kit applications such as combinations of COD, Total Phosphate and Total Nitrogen etc. In the software the user can define if these applications have to be processed sequential or in parallel. Furthermore the analyzer is compatible with tube tests and photometers of different suppliers/manufacturers.

The analyzer is equipped with a shaker for easily dissolving the solid reagents of the test kit and mixing them with the sample as well as a rotating shaker for mixing the test tubes before measurement.

The platform can be built with a 2nd robotic arm to increase sample throughput by using multiple grippers & sample needles or to perform additional tasks such as BOD, pH etc.

Other Available Robotic applications:

  • BOD
  • pH, Conductivitiy (EC), Alkalinity
  • Carbonate/Bicarbonate and other titrations
  • Turbidity and Color
  • Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)
  • COD according to ISO 6060
  • Particle size distribution analysis in soil
  • Automatic sample preparation

If you require more detailed information about the above please do not hesitate to contact Skalar.