The SP2000 robotic platform can perform the weighing steps necessary for “Loss on Ignition”

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The weighing robot for crucibles is developed to assist in your Loss on Ignition (LOI) analysis requirements.

We have recently added a Total Suspended Solids (TSS) application to our continuously-growing list of automated solutions; using similar hardware we are also able to automate this time consuming and labour intensive analysis - this time weighing crucibles instead of filter papers as in TSS analysis.

LOI is used to provide an indication of the organic content of a sample by monitoring the weight change after being heated to high temperature (offline up to 550°C in Skalar designed heat proof racks) where the sample loses some of its content by being burnt or volatilised. These racks are directly transferable to and from the oven and robot.

Method overview:

Initial weight measurement of crucible
Sample added
Dried at 105°C to remove water content
Second weighing of crucible
Heat offline (350°C-550°C)
Final weighing of crucible

Applications include the determination of organic matter content in materials such as sediment, sludge, soil and waste as well as industrial applications for the same parameter in cement, lime and bauxite.