Water analysis - Determination of permanganate index according ISO 8647

Introducing the SP2000 robotic platform, designed for the automatic measurement of permanganate index in water. This advanced technology allows for the precise and efficient determination of the amount of organic matter in water samples.

By automating the permanganate index titration process, the SP2000 eliminates the possibility of human error and increases the speed and consistency of the analysis. The procedure is straightforward:

The water samples are loaded onto the analyzer, a pre-defined method is selected in the software, and the analysis is started.

The sample is treated with sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate.

After a heating period, an excess amount of sodium oxalate is added to the sample turning the liquid colourless. The unreacted sodium oxalate is titrated against potassium permanganate to determine the concentration organic matter in the original sample.

The RobotAccessTM software then calculates the amount of organic matter based on the volume of potassium permanganate required to reach the endpoint. Results are validated, and reported in a table.