Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis in seawater using high temperature combustion

Formacs HT - sampler side

The analysis of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in seawater can create many challenges for laboratories, not only because of the low TOC concentration, but also the salty sample matrix might be problematic for TOC analyzers.The analysis of TOC in saline sample matrices reduces the life-time of the quartz combustion tube, because sodium ions in seawater react with the quartz of the combustion tube of the TOC analyzer. An intensive rinse cycle is included in the Formacsseries analyzer after every analysis with saline samples to lengthen the life cycle of the quartz combustion tube.

Formacs - Ceramic tube

Skalar has developed an additional solution to eliminate the degradation of the quartz tube caused by salt. A special seawater kit for analyzing salty matrices with the Formacsseries analyzer has been developed. This kit includes a ceramic combustion tube, which doesn’t react with sodium ions in seawater.


  • Stand-alone TOC operation or with auto-sampler
  • Homogenization by automated stirring (rod or magnetic)
  • Robust rotary septum less injection ports
  • Integrated Peltier cooler for optimum moisture removal
  • Large variety of vial sizes including septum-closed vials
  • Allows a true system blank analysis
  • Application area: clean waters such as pharmaceutical - and drinking waters but also performing equally well for the analysis of waste, surface, seawater and soil extracts
  • Method according to EPA 415.1, Standard Methods 5310B, DIN 38409 H3, ASTM D-5173, USP <643>, EU 2.2.44, ISO 8245, EN 1484, USEPA 9060A
Formacs HT I

The ceramic combustion tube can also be integrated in the FormacsHT-I analyzer or can be used in the FormacsHT-TN TOC/TN combination with NN reactor. Formacsseries analyzer is perfect for determination of low level concentrations TOC in seawater. The TOC analyzer provides high quality, accurate and highly reproducible results.

For more information about seawater analysis with the Formacsseries analyzer or other questions please feel free to contact Skalar.