Skalar San++ CFA analyzer for the analysis of nitrogen and phosphate

River water

Total phosphate and total nitrogen are commonly analyzed in environmental laboratories. The manual analysis procedures for these parameters are very time consuming, for which reason Skalar developed an automatic analyser for TP & TN with automatic in-line digestion. The Skalar San++ analyzer for TP & TN analysis offers high accuracy results and a significant time saving due to the fully automatic analysis procedure. The San++ Total Nitrogen & Total Phosphate analyser uses the well-known continuous flow analysis (CFA) principle, which is based on international standard regulations such as ISO.

TP & TN analysis is suitable for all types of water such as drinking or other clean water samples, seawater, ground water, surface water, wastewater. Water samples containing particulate matter can be directly analyzed, due to the digestion being a combination of UV-light with high temperature (110 ºC) under increased pressure.

The efficiency of the automatic in-line digestion for both TN & TP is well within the pre-defined acceptance criteria of the ISO standard regulation, as illustrated in the tables below. QC standards were used in accordance with the ISO standard regulations and some other recovery standards used by different laboratories. The compounds mentioned are analyzed at 50% and 100% of the total range and the recovery criteria are +/- 5%.

Total phosphate
Total Nitrogen

Comparison on real-world samples gives an excellent correlation with the manual methods as illustrated in the graphs below.

For homogeneous sample pick-up, the autosampler of the San++ analyzer can be equipped with a sample-mixing device. For automatic post-dilution of overrange samples, the autosampler can be extended with an automatic built-in diluter, which can also be used for automatic standard preparation and pre-dilutions saving a significant amount of manual dilution work.

Due to the ease of use, unattended operation and automatic digestion, a considerable decrease in sample turn-around time of the laboratory is established. The capacity of the analyzer can be even more increased by the optional auto start-up and shutdown feature, which allows the analyzer to run unattended during the night.

The flexible concept of the San++ analyzer allows simultaneous analysis for Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphate and can be combined with a range of other parameters such as ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, o-Phosphate and many more. The Skalar San++ analyzer offers high accuracy results and high sample throughput resulting in an economical solution for small sample sizes as well as for busy laboratories with hundreds of samples a day.