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The Skalar Group

Battery Ventures, a globally recognized investment firm with a focus on technology, has unveiled a novel laboratory-automation platform as a result of its recent acquisitions of four synergistic companies: Skalar Analytical, PromoChrom Technologies, LCTech and EST Analytical/TSHR

Skalar Analytical, headquartered in Breda, the Netherlands, specializes in manufacturing chemistry analyzers and laboratory-automation solutions tailored for environmental and agricultural applications. Serving as the cornerstone for the innovative platform, Skalar is complemented by PromoChrom, based in Richmond, British Columbia, with a substantial presence in North America. PromoChrom brings expertise in automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) sample-preparation solutions, concentrating on the burgeoning PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) testing market. Meanwhile, LCTech, situated in Obertaufkirchen, Germany, offers a diverse array of SPE consumables, advanced automation, and robotics capabilities. Additionally, LCTech serves as a strategic entry point into the realm of food and feed testing through its dioxin-analysis product line. EST Analytical, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, manufactures a range of automated laboratory solutions for gas chromatography (GC) sample introduction and preparation. EST’s Rotterdam-based subsidiary, TSHR, provides a range of automated elemental combustion analyzers used in environmental and petrochemical applications.

These four companies cater to major multinational commercial testing laboratories and industrial clients spanning environmental, agricultural, and food-and-beverage sectors. By offering automation solutions, they empower clients to streamline previously manual workflows in their operations.

About Skalar

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Skalar Analytical B.V. is a manufacturer of automated laboratory instrumentation for customers across environmental, agricultural, and food & beverage end markets. Established in 1965, Skalar Analytical has grown into a multinational organization with its own subsidiaries across Europe, North America, and India and with over eighty representatives throughout the world. Skalar has generated a vast library of information and techniques which support proven applications.


About PromoChrom

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PromoChrom Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2007 with specialization in liquid handling solutions. With sample preparation being the most challenging and labor-intensive task in trace analysis, PromoChrom’s automated SPE instruments help improve the efficiency and data quality in chemical analysis and relieve laboratory staff of labor-intensive routines. Their most notable applications include PFAS extraction and protein purification.


About LCTech

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LCTech GmbH has been developing innovative methods for sample preparation for the analysis of environmental, food and feed samples since its founding in 1998. From sample preparation automation to consumables for analysis and training, LCTech offers everything a professional laboratory needs with customers including a long list of renowned institutions across governmental and private laboratories in Food & Feed and Environmental sector


About EST Analytical and TSHR

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EST Analytical was founded in 1990 and has focused on supporting the laboratory community with high-quality laboratory automation solutions for GC sample introduction and preparation out of its Cincinnati, OH headquarters. EST Analytical is most popular for its purge & trap systems used to sample volatile organic compounds, and comprehensive technical support, training, and onsite service capabilities across the United States. In 2018, EST acquired Rotterdam-based TSHR. TSHR was founded in 2009 with a heritage stemming from Thermo Fisher’s legacy Euroglas business. TSHR provides a range of elemental combustion analyzers for Total Nitrogen, Total Sulfur and Total Chlorine analyses.

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