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SAN++® Series

Automated Wet
Chemistry Analyzers

Our automated wet chemistry analyzers also known as continuous flow analyzers (cfa) have been designed as modular systems to meet the requirements of every laboratory, whether you process a few samples or high throughputs.

State of the art nutrient analyzers

Advanced colorimetric automation of parameters across a wide range of environmental and industrial applications with multiple in-line sample pre-treatment possibilities such as distillation, digestion and dialysis. Up to 16 analytical measurements can be made on a single sample simultaneously. Advanced low-level detection, automatic start-up, shutdown, dilution functions, re-runs, clean-up, and raw data storage make the SAN++® Series range the most sophisticated systems available today.

Skalar has developed a proven systematic approach to provide a quality system starting with complete applications engineered on customer samples to provide the best possible configuration to the customer needs and requirements, training and installation by qualified specialists and complete application and service support.

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SAN++® Series range of continuous flow analyzers

SAN++® Compact continuous flow analyzer

SAN++® Compact

The most space-efficient unit of the SAN++® Series continuous flow analyzers. Despite its compact design and smaller footprint, the SAN++® Compact provides the same high level of automation It is an ideal and cost-effective solution for laboratories requiring automation of 2-3 parameters.

San ++ Advanced continuous flow analyzer

SAN++® Advanced

The highest-capacity unit of the SAN++® Series continuous flow analyzer range with extended possibilities. This new and expanded segmented flow analyzer allows a greater number of analytically complex analyses to be accommodated on a single analyzer, with capacity for up to six analytical modules.

SAN++® Classic continuous flow analyzer

SAN++® Classic

The ideal unit for simultaneous analysis of multiple parameters. The SAN++® Classic segmented flow analyzer is based on our traditional unit but incorporates the latest features and developments of the SAN++® Series in a modern and improved design with capacity for analyzing up to five parameters.

Range of autosamplers

The Skalar range of autosamplers offer for each routine laboratory and application the perfect match saving operators time and errors.

With the unique automatic standard preparation and over range dilution facility, high workloads are fully automatically analyzed outside working hours, without any operator supervision.

Skalar samplers offer the highest degree of automation available today with:

  • Real automatic pre- and post-dilution runs
  • Fully automatic standard preparation
  • XYZ/XYθ Random access
  • Automatic multiple range operation
  • Built in rinse pump
  • Customized sample containers and racks
  • Multiple sample needles
  • Extended operation outside working hours with automatic start up and shut down
  • Full analyzer control
San series continuous flow analyzer - sampler 1100/50


The SA1100 and SA1150 samplers accommodate up to 2 x 50 sample positions, with built in rinse pump. Optionally, 10 dedicated standard positions are available for working standards. Furthermore, the sampler can be equipped with a second needle for dual needle sample pick-up.

San series continuous flow analyzer - sampler 1074


Up to 300 samples can be processed with this flexible sampler. The sampler includes separate positions for standards and QC samples. Optional automatic diluter station with multiple dilutors for automatic pre- and post-run dilutions. Extendable with 2 to 4 needles for simultaneous sample pick up with different matrices, with optional stirrer and automatic barcode.

San series continuous flow analyzer - 1075 sampler


This random-access auto sampler carries standardly 576 sample positions in a separate tray 26 positions for working standards, QC samples and drift control samples. Extendable with 2 to 4 needles for simultaneous sample pick up with different matrices. Optional automatic diluter station with multiple dilutors for automatic pre- and post-run dilutions and automatic standard preparation.

Chemistry Section

The unique concept of the chemistry section has proven its performance for hundreds of applications, with maximum operator convenience and lowest routine maintenance.

The module holder houses up to 6 chemistry modules with build in robust dosing pump, air injection system, photometric detectors and up to 6 separated waste receptacles.

The latest developments in continuous flow analysis have been integrated into the chemistry modules. The throughput of the analyzer depends upon application and can vary from 30 to 120 analyses per hour. Complex manipulations such as distillation, in-line UV digestion, extraction, etc. are incorporated on the chemistry modules.

Special features of Skalar’s chemistry section:

  • Robust unique double radius pump deck for accurate dosing with up to up to 42 pump tube positions
  • Multi-speed pump (off/standby/analyze/rinse) function controlled via integrated touch screen and/or FlowAccess V3 software package
  • Integrated high precision air injector & air supply pump with separated build-in compressor for increased flow stability and fast start up.
  • Easy access to chemistry modules with flexible ultra-low carry-over connections between dialyzers, reactors, coils, flow cells and other components.
  • Automatic leak detection for up to four-zones
  • Fully automated start-up and shut-down functions
  • Integrated touch screen for control of basic analyzer functions (pump speed, reactor temp. etc.


The SAN++® Series range of detectors comprises digital dual channel colorimetric detectors, the unique digital matrix correction detector with automatic background correction for specific sample matrixes, but also covers a range of detectors for UV, Fluorimetry, ISE, Flame Photometry, pH meter,etc.

With this extensive range of detectors, Skalar covers all the requirements for the hundreds of applications available today.

Special features of the detectors for the SAN++® Series Continuous Flow Analyzers (CFA) are:

  • Compact design
  • Allows the implementation of bubble gating
  • Easy access and no alignment of robust flow cells
  • Increased stability, sensitivity, and auto-scaling by digital detectors
  • Automatic matrix and blank correction
  • Wide linear measuring range


FlowAccess data acquisition Windows® software package controls the complete analyzer, with auto start-up and shut down, hardware functions control, detector auto-scaling, pre-and post-run sample dilutions, result calculation and statistics. 1 to 16 channels, with multiple samplers and multiple needles are handled simultaneous. Each chemistry can be grouped for analysis. As of its GUI the package is extremely users friendly and easy to operate and will integrate easily into a network.

Some features highlights:

Creating quickly and easily complete sample workload tables with a standard layout. The table’s structure and fields can be customized by stepping through the wizard. Values for the drift/wash, calibration standards and CLP intervals for the samples can be defined.

Table layout cfa

Automatic preparation of pre- and post-dilutions with enhanced settings. The pre- and post-dilutions factors can be defined by the user per chemistry parameters. Advanced settings for automatic post-dilutions are available like series of post-dilutions where the user can define the maximum number of times a diluted sample has to be re-diluted and re-analyzed.

During the run, all the analysis peaks can be viewed, each channel separately in detail or multiple channels simultaneously, maximum of 16, in one single screen view. Peak marking, sample ID and calculated results are displayed in real time. Advanced peak diagnostics is available. Real time results are calculated by 1st, 2nd order calibration curve according to ISO 8466 or 3rd order and inverse logarithm for use with Ion Selective Electrodes.

Realtime all

Extensive Quality Control criteria incl. CLP/GLP ensuring accuracy and precision of analytical results. The CLP protocol allows automatic actions by the SAN++® Series system if QC and CLP limits are exceeded. These QC and CLP limits are user definable and must be set for each parameter individually.

CLP Action

A powerful reporting tool to generate customized reports from the results obtained in FlowAccess. These reports allow customized set up with different configurations for data and graphics. All parts of the custom-made report can be viewed, printed, and exported to an ASCII/Excel file or in a picture format.

Typical Applications

Our SAN++® Series range of analyzers are for decades the reliable "workhorse" for many routine laboratories around the world, across a variety of industries with hundreds of different applications. Our comprehensive applications library provides a large selection of documentation and standardization references.

The Skalar analyzing methods are approved and conform methods by regulatory agencies such as ISO, EPA, ASTM, EBC, AOAC, Standard Methods, Coresta and others. Each method has been thoroughly tested in our well-equipped application laboratory. All analyzers are supplied with detailed method description of reagent make up, flow diagram and any information required running a specific application trouble free for many years.

The amount of available Skalar analyzing methods is nearly unlimited. We have created a list with the most common ones.


  • Alpha-amylase
  • Ammonia
  • Anionic surfactants
  • Beta-glucan
  • Bitterness
  • Chloride
  • Chlorine
  • Cyanide
  • Diastatic power
  • Free amino nitrogen
  • Iron
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Phosphate
  • Potassium
  • Silicate
  • Sulfate
  • Sulfite
  • Sulfur dioxide (Total/Free)
  • Total cyanide
  • Total nitrogen
  • Total phenol
  • Total phosphate
  • Total phosphurus
  • Total reducing sugars
  • Urea