Automated BOD analysis with Skalar's robotic analyzer range, according to EPA 405.1/ISO 5815-1

SP2000 BOD analyzer

The Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) analysis is one of the most common applications for water laboratories. All Skalar Robotic analyzers can provide the automation for BOD according to EPA 405.1/ISO 5815-1.

Various analyzer configurations are available based on the sample load and the required level of automation. All Skalar BOD robots automate the addition of dilution water, nitrification inhibitor (ATU) and seed, sample homogenization, measurement of dissolved oxygen, probe/stirrer rinsing and calculation of the BOD result according to the required regulation. Optional also the automatic sample pipetting and bottle (de) capping is available. From 32 up to 120 BOD bottles can be set as uninterrupted sample batches. Sample trays can be added during analysis runs to handle any required sample load.

The automation of the labor-intensive BOD application can save up to 85% of operator time and provides the required consistency for the application.

If there is a requirement for other analyses such as pH, conductivity, alkalinity and turbidity then these methods can be combined with BOD on the same robot.