Analyzer Spotlight: The Primacs SN-100 nitrogen/protein analyzer for food and feed samples.

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Analyse your most challenging food and feed samples quick and easy with our PrimacsSN-100 analyzer, especially designed for the determination of nitrogen/protein.

The determination of nitrogen/protein is based upon the Dumas combustion method. The Dumas measurement technique has a couple of advantages over the traditional Kjeldahl measurement technique, a quicker analysis time, high degree of automation and the use of hazardous chemicals is not needed which enhances the safety of the lab environment.

The PrimacsSN-100 analyzer offers quick analysis time and automation features to increase your lab’s productivity, while analyzing nitrogen and protein in your most challenging samples – including meats, feeds, petfood and flour. The unique vertical introduction system ensures that the ash that normally builds up at the bottom of the furnace now stays in the crucible and removed from the combustion zone. The removal of the ash eliminates the downtime normally required for oven cleaning. The crucibles can be easily cleaned and re-used.

The accurate and precise determination of protein not only plays a role in the characterisation of nutritional or dietary value in food products, but it is also key to determining the category or quality of the food products. Detailed application notes on food analyses with the PrimacsSN-100 analyzer are available on request. As well as a NEW dedicated brochure about TN/Protein analysis with the PrimacsSN-100.

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