Beer and Malt

Beer and Malt


Malt, wort and beer analyses are essential to control the brewing quality during the production of beer.

Skalar has developed three analyzers for the brewing industry:

- The Sanseries continuous flow analyzer
- The PrimacsSN-100 nitrogen/protein analyzer
- The SP2000 Robotic analyzers


The Sanseries is ideal for analyzing large series of beer & malt samples in one batch on multiple parameters with complex analysis methods such as diacetyl, polyphenols and anthocyanogen.

A typical five channel beer analyzer is configured with modules for bitterness, total SO2, free amino nitrogen, polyphenols and diacetyl. A malt analyzer usually carries applications such as diastatic power, α-amylase, FAN, ß-glucan and color. 

Features of the Sanseries analyzer

  • Methods according to EBC, ASBC, MEBAK etc.
  • Unattended automatic start-up and shutdown
  • Integration of various detectors for beer and malt analysis, such as the fluorimeter and the UV / VIS detector
  • Skalar FlowAccessTM software with real time graphics, data calculation and data export to Excel / LIMS
  • Analyses of up to 16 parameters at the same time
  • Autosamplers range from 50 up to 576 sample positions


Acetaldehyde Ethanol
Amino Nitrogen (free) Glucan
Amylase Nitrate + Nitrite
Bicarbonate Nitrogen
Bitterness pH
Carbohydrate Polyphenols
Carbonate Protein
Color Protein Soluble
Density Sulfite
Diacetyl Sulfur Dioxide
Diastatic Power Viscosity


Monitoring total nitrogen / protein during the brewing process with the PrimacsSN-100 analyzer  

The routine monitoring of total nitrogen / protein content during the brewing process is important to ensure the quality and stability of the beer products. Protein present in malt and wort is an important nutrient for yeast to ferment wort into beer. By measuring nitrogen, brewers can indicate the protein content in malt and wort.

Features of the PrimacsSN-100 analyzer

  • Alternative for Kjeldahl analysis
  • Sample weights up to 3g of solids
  • 100-position autosampler
  • Unique vertical sample introduction system

Robotic analyzers

The SP2000 Beer & Wort analyzer for brewing quality control during beer production.

The SP2000 analyzer has been specifically developed for breweries that only need analyses on small batches of samples on single or multiple parameters. Every couple of hours, beer and wort samples need to be tested on various parameters and the results need to be provided instantly to the operators who control the brewing process. Besides this, breweries nowadays produce smaller batches of different beers instead of only large quantities of one beer.


Beer / Wort analysis

  • Complete automation incl. degassing of the samples, (de)-capping the sample tube, sample dilution, addition of reagents, mixing and measurement of the absorbance
  • Flexibility to process small or large batches and run single or multiparameter analysis
  • The iso-octane reagent consumption is reduced by a factor of 5 compared to the manual method


Color pH
SO2 Polyphenol
Iron Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN)
Bitterness Anthocyanogen
Thiobarbituric Acid Value (TBZ) Beta (β) glucan