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Automatic photometric determination of beta-glucan in beer and wort with the SP2000 beer analyzer

Skalar has already automated various parameters such as bitterness, pH, color, FAN, SO2, polyphenols, anthocyanogen, iron, TBI in beer and wort successfully on the SP2000 analyzer. Another important analyte in beer, beta-glucan, can now be added to this list.

SP2000 Beer robot overview

Measuring the beta-glucan content during the beer production process is important because it can increase viscosity of the wort, which leads to slower runoffs during lautering and results in beer filtration problems.

Several analysis methods are available to determine the analyte beta-glucan. Skalar has developed an automated colorimetric method as this is a more versatile and cost-effective way to determine beta-glucan compared to other methods. The automated method for beta-glucan is based on complex formation of beta glucan with calcofluor of which absorption can be measured at 405nm.

The automated beta-glucan analysis method has been validated by Skalar’s application laboratory and is from now on available for routine usage. Complete and unattended analysis is provided as all steps of the analysis procedure have been automated. The beta-glucan application can be run as a single analysis, but can of course also be combined with other beer parameters on the same platform.

An application sheet with a more detailed description of beta-glucan analysis in beer and wort is available on request, please contact Skalar.