Monitoring the quality of water and testing it regularly is very important to maintain reliable and safe water sources and to eliminate the potential health and environmental risks.

Skalar developed four analyzers for the environmental industry:

- The Sanseries continuous flow analyzer
- The BluVisionTM discrete analyzer
- The Formacsseries TOC/TN analyzer
- The SP2000 Robotic analyzer


The Sanseries is successfully used in water laboratories for decades.

The Sanseries has a flexible modular design and can be used for simultaneous and sequential analyses of routine colorimetric determinations as for example ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, chloride and sulphate. 

The newest addition to the Sanseries analyzers is the Sancompact analyzer. This analyzer has a modern and compact design which gives laboratories the opportunity to save on valuable laboratory bench space, while still incorporating all the features of the San++ analyzer. Skalar specifically designed this analyzer for the smaller laboratories. 

Features of the Sanseries analyzer

  • High capacity through multi parameters and controlled start-up and shut-down
  • Analyze sub ppb to high ppm levels
  • 40-800 sample positions available
  • Automatic preparation of working standards from a stock standard
  • Automatic pre- and post dilution of overrange samples
  • Simultaneously multiple extract handling


Alkalinity Hydrogen Sulfide
Aluminum Iodine
Amino Acids Iron II + III
Ammonia Iron (total)
Anionic Surfactants (MBAS) Magnesium
Bicarbonate Manganese
Boron Methanol
Bromide Nickel
Calcium Nitrate + Nitrite
Carbonate Nitrite
COD Nitrogen
Chloride Nonionic
Chlorine pH
Chromium VI Phenol
Cobalt Phosphate
Color Potassium Permanganete
Conductivity Protein (Lowry)
Copper Silicate
Cyanide Sodium / Potassium
Dissolved Organic Carbon Sulfate
Ethanol Sulfide
Fluoride Sulfur Dioxide
Formaldehyde Total Organic Carbon
Hardness Urea


The BluVision™ has been specifically developed for the environmental field providing reliable and accurate low ppb level results for a variety of analytical parameters in a wide range of samples and matrices such as drinking water, wastewater, ground water and surface water.

The analyzer easily automates the sample and reagent pipetting into the cuvettes, mixing, heating, blank correction, photometric measurement and many other functions depending on the preferences of the laboratory.

Features of the BluVisionTM

  • Additional automated functions: preparation of calibration standards from stock solutions, auto dilutions of over-range samples or re-analysis of samples
  • Disposable 15mm cuvette blocks, eliminating any carry-over between samples
  • Each cuvette block has 10 measuring positions
  • Complete “walk-away” automation: sample & reagent pipetting
    mixing, heating, blank correction and measurement
  • Temperature controlled cuvette tray with 160 positions
  • Autoloader for an additional 48 cuvette blocks
  • Segregation of chemical waste, depending on disposal requirements
  • Smart exhaust system
  • Thermostatic needle


Alkanity Free Iron
Free Aluminum Magnesium
Ammonia Nitrate + Nitrite
Calcium Nitrite
Chloride Free Phenols
Chromium IV Ortho Phosphate
Color Silicate
Free Cyanide Sulfate
Total Hardness  


The Formacsseries TOC / TN analyzers provide fast analysis of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) in liquid samples using high temperature catalytic combustion.

The level of TOC is often used as an indicator of water quality during for instance the drinking water purification process and indicating the water quality of rivers, streams and lakes. TN levels are an important parameter for seawater, waste water treatment and industrial process control. 

Direct injection analysis

The FormacsHT-I TOC / TN analyzer analyzes liquid samples by direct sample injection in a high temperature catalytic combustion furnace. These analyzers are especially designed for particulate laden samples (suspensions).  


Analysis of aqueous and solid samples 

The PrimacsMCS analyzer operates in combination the with FormacsHT, which offers an economical solution to laboratories analyzing TOC in aqueous samples as well as solid samples. Based on a dual oven design, the analyzer is capable of performing rapid and reliable separate determinations of TC, IC and TOC, and has been developed especially for solid materials including sludges and sediments. 

Features of the Formacsseries TOC / TN analyzers

  • Stand-alone TOC operation or with an autosampler
  • Homogenization by automated stirring (rod or magnetic)
  • Integrated Peltier cooler for optimum moisture removal
  • Large variety of vial sizes including septum-closed vials
  • Allows a true system blank analysis
  • Direct sample injection is possible


  • Surface water
  • Drinking water
  • Waste water
  • Pharmaceutical water
  • Process control water
  • Seawater

Robotic analyzers

Skalar offers various flexible and advanced sample handling systems for the routine analytical testing of drinking water, river water, lake water, industrial water, waste water, soil etc.

Fully automatic measurement is possible for parameters such as BOD, COD, pH, EC, turbidity, color, ISE applications, titrations and test kit applications such as ST-COD test according to ISO15705, TP/ TN & others. To illustrate the flexibility of our SP2000 robotic platform some examples of water applications are given below.

BOD analysis

  • Capacity of 18 up to 198 BOD bottles per batch
  • Automatic bottle (de)capping, sample pipetting, addition of reagents, measurement.
  • Possibility to measure and adjust the pH of the original sample
  • Automatic sample aeration before measurement  
  • Combinations with other analysis such as Conductivity, Alkalinity, Turbidity and Test kits possible on the same BOD platform
  • BOD analysis in accordance with (inter)national regulations such as EPA 405.1, ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1/2, Standard Methods 5210 B, DIN 38409 etc. as well as customer specific methods


Conductivity / pH / Alkalinity / Turbidity / Titrations / Color in drinking water

  • Capacity of 32-352 containers
  • Automatic Measurement of pH, Alkalinity, EC, Turbidity & Color
  • In-line sample filtration prior to Color measurement
  • Automatic capping/de-capping and stirring 
  • Automatic rinsing of probe, stirrer, draining needle, filters and flow through cells
  • A choice of various other applications (acidity, hardness, fluoride etc.) and user selectable running sequence
  • Integration of a variety of sample racks, different types of sample beakers and a compatibility with different meters & probes


Test kit automation

  • Ready-to-use test kit applications such as the ST-COD, TP, TN, Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitrite, Sulfide and Phenol index.
  • Capacity: 24-336 test kits per batch 
  • Complete “walk away” automation mixing, heating, (de)-capping of sample and reagent tubes, sample pipetting, cooling & photometric measurement for test kit analysis
  • User-friendly no contact with toxic or corrosive reagents
  • Flexible, compatible with different meters & reaction tubes