Total automation solution for manure analysis

SP2000 sample preparation robot - front

This laboratory was looking for a solution to automate their manual handling steps to reduce the potential for errors to a minimum. As Skalar can automate analyses at their various stages and across multiple analyzers and thereby automating complicated, time-critical and potentially-dangerous handling procedures, we offered them the following automation solution:

  • After pre-digestion, the digested samples are placed on the SP2000 robot platform.
  • To two samples at a time, demineralised water is added to a volume of exactly 250 ml and the samples are homogenized.
  • Any acid vapours created are safely and instantly extracted.
  • The prepared samples are transferred into sample tubes in a sample rack for subsequent analysis on the Skalar San++
  • Cross-communication between our robotic and SFA software packages means that the NPK analyses are then performed with full continuity throughout the entire process.