San series - automatic in-line sample pre-treatments

January 2022 - San compact

Our Sanseries automatic wet chemistry analyzers offer total automation of a huge range of colorimetric parameters, such as ammonia, phosphate, fluoride, chloride, sulphate, anionic surfactants, phenol index, total and free cyanide, total nitrogen and phosphate

All the various in-line sample pre-treatments e.g., distillation and / or digestion that these parameters require are fully automated.

These automations cover a wide range of analyses across a diverse set of application areas, such as water and other environmental spheres, soil, plant & fertilizer, beer and malt, wine, tobacco and more.

The Skalar Sanseries of continuous flow analyzers are the ultimate solution for measuring highly-accurately at extremely low levels in large sample series at high throughput, whilst still guaranteeing superb reproducibility and stability.

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