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Overcoming Challenges in Seawater Analysis with the Skalar San++ for Ocean Conservation

Seawater analysis plays a crucial role in environmental monitoring, providing valuable insights into the state of our ecosystem. However, analyzing nutrients in seawater poses several challenges for laboratories. These challenges include the need to detect ultra-low nutrient concentrations, the risk of contamination, the short lifespan of samples, and matrix interferences. To overcome these hurdles, qualified personnel, optimized methods, and precise instrumentation are required.

For decades, the Skalar San++ continuous flow analyzer has been a trusted solution in seawater laboratories and on board ships worldwide. It is specifically designed to analyze extremely low nutrient concentrations in seawater, delivering accurate, reproducible, and high-quality results. One of its key features is the unique digital turbo matrix detector, which provides true optical matrix correction. This detector compensates automatically for changing salinities between seawater samples by splitting the light beam and measuring at two different wavelengths. The absorbance from the correction wavelength is subtracted from the measurement wavelength, thus the final result is automatically corrected for any background interference.

The San++ also addresses other challenges associated with seawater analysis. Its flow cell design minimizes carryover and eliminates the "Schlieren effect," which is caused by differences in salinity concentrations and can result in erratic signals. Additionally, the instrument's flexible design and optional work platform make it an ideal choice for seawater analysis. It can be configured to analyze individual samples using an autosampler or operate in its online capability, continuously analyzing multiple parameters at different depths while the ship is sailing. Furthermore, the analyzer can be equipped with a diluter station for automatic pre- and post-dilutions of samples, and automatic standard preparation for enhanced efficiency.

In summary, the Skalar San++ continuous flow analyzer is a robust and reliable instrument for seawater nutrient analysis. Its ability to accurately measure ultra-low nutrient concentrations, coupled with its unique optical matrix correction and advanced features, makes it an invaluable tool for researchers and laboratories dedicated to understanding and preserving our marine ecosystems.

San compact 1050 front

Optional “Fluorimetry” Ammonia method available:

Specifically for Ammonia analysis, the San++, can also be equipped with an analysis method based on fluorimetry. Advantages of this method are simplicity, no use of phenol reagent, sensitive and no matrix interferences.

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