Skalar continues its collaborative support of oceanographic research in India

Sagar Anveshika

We are proud to be part of the first two coastal research vessels built in India by Titagarh Wagons for the National Institute of Ocean Technology.

Both vessels, Sagar Anveshika and Sagar Tara, are equipped with the latest navigational and research equipment, measuring oceanographic and atmospheric data in shallow water operations, as well as surface water quality monitoring, shallow water testing of various underwater components, technology demonstration, tsunami early warning systems, environmental indexing of ships and many more.

Our San++ continuous flow analyzer has been installed in the on-board research laboratory for the analysis of nutrients such as nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate, urea, and silicate at ultra-low levels in seawater. The analysis can proceed immediately after sampling, meaning no preservation and storage are required and thus ensuring the integrity of the samples and their results.

San Sagar Anveshika

The continuous flow analyzers of Skalar have been part of the Indian Oceanographic Research Study for the last three decades and are successfully used on other research vessels such as Sagar Nidhi, Sagar Sampadha, Sagar Kanya, Sindhu Sadhana and Sagar Manjusha as well.

We are pleased to extend our cooperation further, both in terms of quality and to continue providing analytical solutions to our valued customers. If you require more information about Skalar seawater analyzers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spot the San++ continuous flow analyzer on the Sagar Anveshika research vessel @ 56 sec in the video: