Extension of the 1050 autosampler series with multiple dilutors.

CFA 1050 dual needle 2

The San++ continuous flow analyzer offers a range of autosamplers, all integrated with an exclusive set of features to fulfill any requirement for workload, sample volume and sample preparation in the analytical workflow of a laboratory.

The 1050 autosampler series now includes a further option to extend the automatic dilution station with multiple dilutors. This innovative feature is the latest step forward by Skalar in automatic sample handling.

The addition of a second dilutor, in combination with a dual needle, allows the pick up two different sample matrices simultaneously as well as to pre-/post-dilute these samples according to the same matrix-matched sample handling protocol. An additional advantage of multiple dilutors/needles is the preparation of multiple sets of calibration standards from multiple matrix-matched stock solutions.

Besides this new feature, the 1050 autosampler has been slightly modified to create more positions for standard reagents. The sampler has now 14 standard positions for 30 ml containers available, 7 per needle in case of dual set up.

Features 1050/53 autosampler series:

  • 140 sample positions for 10 ml sample tubes (70 per needle in dual needle set up)
  • 14 standard positions for 30 ml containers (7 per needle in dual needle set up)
  • Optional automatic dilutor station for automatic preparation of working standards and pre post dilutions.
  • Integrated rinsing for one or two needles
  • Separate positions for standards, blanks, QC samples
  • Dual-needle configuration for simultaneous pick up of two different samples
  • Extension of the automatic dilutor station with multiple diluters for automatic preparation of working standards and pre-/post-dilution
1074 dual dilutor detail 2

Optional sample mixing device, to ensure sample homogeneity during pick up for reproducible results (one needle only).

The ability to extend the amount of dilutors is a great time-saver for laboratories, together with the other automatic San++ features such as standard preparation, overrange dilution facility and the automatic start up/shut down function. This is especially true in case of laboratories facing the task of analyzing large volume of samples, with a reducing number of staff, whilst still guaranteeing fast delivery of high-quality results.

For more information about this new feature or other automatic sample handling questions please contact Skalar.